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Drs. White and Jamin have helped hundreds of patient with injuries sustained during car accidents.  During these accidents your body is subjected to the same impact as your car.  However your body, and most importantly your spine, is not built to resist these impacts and can become severely injured.  Drs. Jamin and White are skilled with the evaluation and treatment of these injuries, helping patients get well in the shortest time possible.  Using the latest technology and evaluation methods such as computerized muscle and nerve testing, range of motion studies and years of clinical experience they will diagnose the level and cause of your pain.  Then using chiropractic adjustments they will gently correct the spinal cause of the problem.  Finally they can rehabilitate your spine and body using sophisticated technology such as spinal disc decompression therapy, electric muscle stimulation,  individualized strengthening and stretching programs, and proprioceptive and gait training.   Call the doctors today for an appointment!


Common Injuries In Motor Vehicle Accidents


If you have had a motor vehicle accident, you may have one or many of the following symptoms:


· headache

· neck pain

· dizziness

· sleeping problems

· fatigue

· anxiety and depression

· tension

· loss of balance

· "pins and needles" in the arms or legs

· mid back pain

· lower back pain

· pain in the shoulder, elbow or wrist

· pain in the hip, knee or ankle

· difficulty breathing



You may not be experiencing any symptoms at all or you may be “feeling fine” in a couple of days following the collision. However, even the most minor of auto accidents can lead to serious and costly problems in the future. Conversely, a small misalignments treated promptly may be able to prevent the painful and disabling arthritis often seen 15 to 20 years after such injuries.  Call our office today!



Auto Accidents